Welcome to Jaki's Welcome to Jaki's Hilltop Cafe in Magalia CA Rebuilding continues!

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Things are starting to move faster!

Exterior painting is now about done. Inside, the dry wall is now practically complete so interior painting is next. Jaki's now selecting flooring and countertops--and talking new menus! Some concrete work remains to be done outside but things are looking good.

The Chalkboard updatePlans now are for a soft reopening that will see the place alive again in time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original opening day in September of 2008. For those who continue to ask, though, while they'd love to give an opening date they're unable to set one yet.

Jaki says: "It'll be really great to have this part of things wrapped up and things getting back to normal! Actually, it'll be a new normal, with a slightly different look, a lot of restocking, and a few new friendly faces. Although the crew and I have been doing some catering while the building has been under repair, we wholeheartedly look forward to serving large groups and parties back in our own restaurant. We plan to continue offering off site catering but our primary focus will be serving and welcoming every customer that walks through our new front doors!"

Menu for Jaki's Hilltop Catering at the POA on Saturday eveningsIn conjunction with the California Emergency Foodlink of Sacramento and the Community Action Agency of Butte County, Jaki's is also participating in the Tailgate Food Giveaway on Friday, June 15th, from 9am to noon in the parking lot of the restaurant. Come see how things are looking!

If you've got an upcoming event you'd like catered, call us at (530) 873-1275 or email your questions to us at visitjakiscafe@gmail.com.

Meanwhile, here are some more photos of the work in progress.