Welcome to Jaki's Welcome to Jaki's Hilltop Cafe in Magalia CA Thank you to our firefighters, law enforcement, and other first responders!

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Well...welcome to the 2018 version of:
Jaki's Hilltop Cafe recovers after a fire

Like many of us Jaki currently is out of the area. She sends this:

Hello to our brave but scattered community members who have had to walk through this tragedy. As everyone now knows, on November 8th 2018 our community was evacuated due to the Camp wildfires sweeping through Paradise, Magalia, and the surrounding areas. Many of us lost homes and businesses to these fires, which devastated our community in a way that California has not seen before.

The fire came within feet of our Café, consuming other commercial buildings up and down the Skyway and on both sides of our own. It also took some storage and supply structures in our parking lot. Due to the evacuation orders that are still in effect, we have not yet been able to return to asses the damages to the inside & outside of the building or surrounding area.

We do know the inside will need major cleaning due to the food spoilage and we don't yet have full knowledge of what repairs could be needed. We're working on that each day as we are able.

We know with the extreme changes in population and workforce that have occurred we will have to restructure the internal workings of our Café.

There's no way to estimate the time frame we're looking at but we will keep you, our community, advised as well as we can about what goes on.

We are grateful to the many courageous fire fighters, law enforcement, and other public safety workers who not only saved so many of us but also saw to it that our Café still stands. We're grateful as well that we'll be able to re-open and serve those who remain in, and those who will return to, our community.