Welcome to Jaki's Welcome to Jaki's Hilltop Cafe in Magalia CA Rebuilding continues!

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The Chalkboard updateWe're about to cross the finish line on this reconstruction thing!

Here's an image of the actual chalkboard in front of Jaki's this week and it says it all!

What's been going on
The restaurant has been intermittently open this week to train new members of the serving and kitchen staffs.

They've been practicing on a limited menu. So far a couple of breakfasts and lunches and a couple of dinners went very well. They'll be closed this Saturday (tomorrow) to go over things and then will be open Sunday from 9am to 3pm. You're very welcome to come by (but remember that limited menu). You could pretty well think of this as a ramp-up period.

Jaki Says:

"Right now it's more about traffic flow and pacing for the staff than it is about the menu. We're trying to keep things low-key for a little longer until everyone on the staff knows what to expect and how fast things can move here. In a few days our hours of operation will increase until we're fully back online."

Divider line

Catering will continue!

If you've got an upcoming event you'd like catered, call us at (530) 873-1275 or email your questions to us at visitjakiscafe@gmail.com.

Meanwhile, check here for some new photos.