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Welcome back!

The post-fire rebuild of Jaki’s Hilltop Cafe continues to move forward! We took a couple of days to update the website as well.

If you've driven by the restaurant you've seen the recent progress! The roof is nearly done. New photos of work on the interior are up now here on our new Gallery page. The most recent estimate on reopening is late June or early July.

Menu for Jaki's Hilltop Catering at the POA on Saturday evenings
Meanwhile Jaki's Hilltop Catering is going great guns. Among other things Jaki's caters at the POA most Saturdays from 6-9pm. (Menu here: click to see a larger version.) If you've got an upcoming event you'd like catered, call us at (530) 873-1275 or email your questions to us at visitjakiscafe@gmail.com.

Yep, we're still sending you news as events warrant. Join us as we get it together and come back strong! Subscribe to our mailing list here:


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